JANOU LLC offers specialized searches that are highly tailored to the needs of each client. Our approach is of a consultative nature; listening to clients’ objectives and working closely with the hiring team and HR to advise what kind of talent is required to achieve those goals. Through its extensive network and experience, the firm seeks out innovative and diverse talents that must also be a cultural fit for the brand.

We provide superior service, industry insight and experience with a special expertise in Creative Design and Marketing.



Introduction of an exclusive network of creative teams, brand innovators and independent consultants that engage on strategic partnerships and assignments. Creative talent that crosses boundaries, to inspire and introduce new and unexpected solutions. The executives at JANOU LLC work closely with clients in creating dynamic teams to guarantee sustained, diverse and innovative solutions. We have initiated partnerships within the Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, and Luxury Industries.


Chief Creative Officer
Creative Director
Chief Marketing Officer
VP Digital - Creative
VP Artistic Direction
VP Visual Merchandising
Head of UX and UI Design
VP of E-Commerce
Design Director & Accessory Designer
Product Development Director
Digital Marketers