JANOU LLC offers specialized searches that are highly tailored to the needs of each client. Our approach is of a consultative nature; listening to clients’ objectives and working closely with the hiring team and HR to advise what kind of talent is required to achieve those goals. Through its extensive network and experience, the firm seeks out innovative and diverse talents that must also be a cultural fit for the brand.

We provide superior service, industry insight and experience with a special expertise in Creative Design and Marketing.



Introduction of an exclusive network of creative teams, brand innovators and independent consultants that engage on strategic partnerships and assignments. Creative talent that crosses boundaries, to inspire and introduce new and unexpected solutions. The executives at JANOU LLC work closely with clients in creating dynamic teams to guarantee sustained, diverse and innovative solutions. We have initiated partnerships within the Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, and Luxury Industries.


Chief Creative Officer
Creative Director
Chief Marketing Officer
VP Digital - Creative
VP Artistic Direction
VP Visual Merchandising
Head of UX and UI Design
VP of E-Commerce
Design Director & Accessory Designer
Product Development Director
Digital Marketers


What exactly is an Executive Search firm?

When a company is looking to hire a candidate, they will hire an Executive Search firm with the functional expertise to conduct the search. The executive search firm is retained  - paid in stages throughout the search - by the client to introduce top talent. An executive search firm always works exclusively on each search and provides the client with regularly updated search reports. The executive search firm qualifies the candidate, negotiates contracts, checks references, works with legal teams in the case of sponsorship.

What is the difference between an Executive Search firm and a Recruiting (Contingency) firm?

An Executive Search firm works exclusively on a search and is retained by the client.  The Exec. Search firm provides the client with regular updated progress reports.

A Recruiting company works on a contingency model: no hire, no pay. Recruiting firms do not work exclusively, they often compete with other contingency agencies on the same search.

There is a big difference in quality between executive search and contingency recruiting where the objective is to get as many resumes first to a client.  An executive search firm screens a candidate thoroughly before presenting them to the client, therefore only a curated group of top candidates are presented.  With a contingency firm, the emphasis is on the high quantity of resumes sent to HR, which in turn has to spend a lot of time reviewing. The high quantity does not necessarily equate to quality and speed of search.  Additionally, the candidate experience is often quite poor when the search is not exclusive as in contingency search. Candidates are often contacted by multiple recruiters for the same job, all in hopes of being the first contingency recruiter to submit their resume to the client.

Is JANOU LLC an executive search firm?

We are, but not in the traditional sense.

1. We offer a more competitive and flexible search agreement than the traditional search firms offer.  Our contract is based on positive deliverables and client satisfaction, we are not paid on a pre-set timetable regardless of progress.

2. We do not hand over the search to other recruiters or administrative staff like other firms do. We, the two partners, are 100% involved and manage each search from beginning to closure. While we are supported by a research staff, they are non client facing.

We pride ourselves on a positive candidate experience as we strongly believe when we work on a search, we are an extension of our client, an ambassador of their brand.  

We want candidates to have a positive perception of the brand even if they do not get the role. This long term relationship we build with our candidates is also why they always respond positively to us when we contact them for a role.  They know we understand their special expertise and why the role and client we are proposing would be of interest to them.

How do you maintain a close to 100% placement ratio?

Other firms work on many searches at the same time because they have to take care of their staff. For them, search is primarily a fee based business.

We are only interested in providing the best service for our clients, 100% satisfaction, which can only be done if we, the partners, remain personally involved during the entire search process.  We also limit the amount of searches we work on to be able to personally work on and place each search we are assigned. That's how we can guarantee a close to 100% placement satisfaction for our clients.  This is why we to love what we do.

Our success is also attributed to our close and nurtured relationships with talented candidates.  When Janou LLC reaches out top talents, they respond positively because of our reputation.

Who are your clients?

We are selective with the clients we take on. If we believe we are not the best firm to conduct a search because it falls outside our special expertise, we will decline the search.  Our clients range within the Luxury, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Hospitality, Consumer Products industries. To see a sample of our clients click here

Which searches fall within your special expertise?

We focus on Creative, Design (2D & 3D), Brand Strategy and Marketing from director to executive C-levels.  

This includes: advertising, fashion/accessory design, product design, store design, visual merchandising, digital marketing, brand strategy, ideation & E-Commerce.

The two partners, Janou and Damian, complement each other in many ways. Janou is often referred to as an Icon of the creative search industry, whereas Damian’s international experience in luxury, fashion and beauty, having lived and worked in Asia, Europe, Americas, has given him a deep sense of empathy, and an ability to form long-term relationships with clients and candidates around the world.

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